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Frequently asked questions (collaborator)


When are the payment dates?

DannoTec will be making the bank transfer for you on the 14th and 30th of each month.


What are the court days?

The cuts are: from 10 to 25 and from 26 to 09 (of the following month). What does it mean? That if you came to provide an online service after the 25th of the month, your payment will not be reflected on the 30th, it will be until the 14th of the following month.


Where will I receive the payments?

In the bank account that you indicated in the form.


How much is the DannoTec commission?

We retain 10% of the price offered to the client. This includes managing payments and other maintenance expenses.


What happens if I wrongly indicated some information or bank account?

Send us your correction to


What happens if a client cancels or reschedules?

DannoTec will be notifying you via e-mail of the change. Remember that our cancellation policy contemplates 24 hours to notify cancellations or reschedule.


What if I need to cancel a session?

You must notify DannoTec at least 24 hours in advance to see if it is possible to re-schedule with the customer.


How do I do the online session with the client?

The collaborator must generate the session via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other platform and send DannoTec the link so that it can be shared with the client.


What if I was signed out of Zoom or Microsoft Teams?

Contact DannoTec and generate the link again to resume the session with the customer.


What happens if I don't have the software license?

Remember that it is the collaborator's responsibility to have the software licenses for the services they are offering. We are working for more alliances and business partners.



How do I schedule my classes or courses?

DannoTec does it for you. You just have to indicate in the Excel form the dates and times you will offer the service.


What happens if one day I don't want / can offer the scheduled service?

When synchronizing calendars, you can indicate the space as "full" and in this way customers will not be able to schedule service on this date or time.


How do I know if a session with a client was scheduled?

You will automatically receive an e-mail indicating the client's requirements.


What if I want to cancel future sessions?

Contact DannoTec and let the team know of such cancellations.


Why do I need to sign a contract?

DannoTec requests the contract from you to protect your interests as a colobarator as well as those of the company. Remember that we are NOT employers, we are simply an intermediary platform between clients and collaborators.


I am not clear about what services to offer

Don't worry, come to us via email or chat to help clarify the type of services that can be offered at DannoTec.


Is my data protected?

Yes, at no time will we share information with third parties. You can review our privacy and data protection policy at any time.


How long should I wait to find out if my profile meets the requirements?

We will do it as soon as possible, in a maximum of 48 hours you will have a response from the DannoTec team.


What happens if I made a mistake in the data that I sent in the form?

Contact us and send us your corrections to


Why do I need to upload my CV?

DannoTec wants to verify that you have experience in your areas of interest.


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